Debotec Hydraulic Filler

Debotec produces hydraulic filling machines with removable meatcylinder

Made in Belgium

All parts of the Debotec hydraulic Filler are developed by Debotec with utmost care:

we are working intensively on detailed improvements to our filler which results to high and exclusive quality.

Endurance tests under realistic circumstances were performed to provide supreme results.

The various parts are fully matched and tested for your safety and they all meet the requirements of the European standards.



During the development of the Debotec Hydraulic Filler, attention was paid to the health of the end-user. Debotec only uses non-toxic oil with accompanying certificates. This allows the Debotec Filler to meet the the strictest health requirements. The removable meatcylinder allows users to quickly and thoroughly clean the machine after use.


Unique hydraulic system

The various components of the hydraulic system are aligned with each other in such a way that Debotec offers a five year warranty on the hydraulic cylinder*.


The hydraulic distribution valve is 100% developed and manufactured by Debotec. The applied operating pressures have been proven well in practice.


Long-term investment

Debotec invests in excellent technical solutions and outstanding quality controls: we translate this to our customers by offering a two year warranty on machines delivered and installed in Belgium*.


* With the exception of the respective seals for this purpose, one year warranty on machines delivered and installed outside Belgium.


Easy to maintain

Removable meatcylinder

The meatcylinder can be removed for cleaning with only one handling. Like other detachable parts, the meatcylinder can be placed in a professional dishwasher. This gives you the convenience and reassurance of thorough cleaning.


Operating convenience

Knee controlling ensures that you have both hands free for the operation of the machine.

The electrical control system for the knee controlling runs at low tension (24 Volts) to ensure no switch is needed.


Periodic maintenance

The non-toxic hydraulic oil has a long service life which makes periodic maintenance unnecessary.



Comfort - Three versions, one quality

• The Debotec Filler is available in three different capacities: 15, 20 and 30 litres.

• The three types are all provided in a stainless steel design.

• The machine can be easily moved by the use of two concealed wheels.

• Three solid stainless steel nozzles are included as a standard with the machine.

• Optional diameters of the nozzle are available.

• The stainless steel nut for the nozzle guarantees a long lifetime.




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